Welcome to UkiiDokii!


          I'm so excited to finally have a website just for UkiiDokii. I have been working hard on this content for what seems like forever. Working several jobs, the world going through covid, and of course, my health made getting to this point a challenge. What I thought would only take a few months has taken me four years.    

        When I started this journey, I went through several names for this business before landing on UkiiDokii. The name UkiiDokii has a deeper meaning to me than any other names before it. The name is a mesh of Japanese onomatopoeia's that translates to the sound of a happy heart. To me, the sound of a happy heart is what I want to create with my business and content. 

        As the name UkiiDokii entails, a lot of my art is inspired by Japanese culture and media. Anime is really what pushed me to want to be an artist besides my natural inclination. The characters and unique culture blew my little kid brain away leaving a huge impression on me. American cartoon's inspired me as well and I have many beloved shows that continue to inspire me too today.  

        UkiiDokii for me is essentially an art business that I sell my own creative works through. The artwork I make is one of the driving factors in my life. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawn to well, drawing and creating. Art became my passion and I knew what I wanted to be from a very young age, an artist. Art brings me a joy and happiness that nothing else can. To create something from one's mind and to share that with others is something special.  


So, I hope with my art, this website, this blog, and the rest of my content that your heart make's a UkiiDokii sound.